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About Oddlabs

Oddlabs is a small independent game development studio and consulting business specializing in crossplatform 3D games run directly from your browser.

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Multi-platform support

All of our games (except for the iPhone specific) will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Partners & Affiliates

Garage Games

"GarageGames is a unique Internet publishing label for independent games and game makers. We are a band of professional game makers committed to publishing truly original and exciting titles on our own terms."


"TotalGaming.net is a new way of getting PC games into your hands instantly. TotalGaming.net allows you to buy games the way you want. You can purchase a game using your credit card, or you become a TotalGaming.net member and buy games at a discount using our unique Token system."

Arcade Town



"We're here to create for games what indie music and film provide: an audience and market for creativity and individual vision, defying the big publishers' mediocrity and hype. Join the indie games revolution today!"

Pocketwatch Games

Makers of Venture Africa and Venture Arctic

Positech Games

Makers of Democracy, Kudos, Starship Tycoon, Planetary Defense and Asteroid Miner

Sillysoft Games

Creators of the strategic world domination game Lux Delux

Jagged Blade Games

"We supply the enemies, you supply the destruction!"

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